Yamaha Sonidos de México for MOTIF XF/MOXF/MODX/Montage X3A

Yamaha Sonidos de México for MOTIF XF/MOXF/MODX/Montage X3A screenshot
X3A | | 46.96 MB

This new Voice library for MOTIF XF and MOXF captures the true essence of Mexican music with ultra-realistic instrument Voices covering Banda, Mariachi, Norteno and Mexican pop music.

This library provides useful tools ready for use to add a special taste for both live, party in a club or Music Production, not only for Mexican music but also for Latin Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, etc.

Infuse your MOTIF XF or MOXF with authentic sounds such as Bajo Sexto, Guitarron, Accordion, Tuba, Piano Salsa, or even real people samples celebrating the party! There’s also a collection of classic vintage keyboard sounds commonly used to play classic Mexican pop tunes!

Xeraser’s notes: Please note that the demos in the Youtube video sound very closed and muffled, this isn’t how the library itself sounds. XF version is the only one available but it’ll work on the MOXF and Montage/MODX with the latest OS update. The library is encrypted so you can’t extract the samples with AWave!

This exclusive release was generously supplied to us by our member Xeraser
Thank you for supporting AudioZ!




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