Wavesfactory Spectre v1.5.6 macOS [U2B]-FLARE

Wavesfactory Spectre v1.5.6 macOS [U2B]-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 13 August 2022 | 14.8 MB

Spectre is an audio plugin that combines the best features of a sonic enhancer and a graphical parametric EQ. It applies high quality saturation just where you want it to.
Use it like an EQ, get better results.

Colour your sound
Spectre processes the difference between the input signal and the EQ signal. Introduces harmonic content to just the part of the spectrum that you want from a variety of saturation algorithms based on analog hardware.

Spectre brings colours and life to the sound. It makes dull recordings sound bright, it can make a bass track more suitable for small speakers and it can even work as a high-end stereo widener thanks to the mid/side matrix.




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