Vandalism Shocking Moombahton For Serum WAV FXP-DECiBEL

Vandalism Shocking Moombahton For Serum WAV FXP-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 14 Aug 2022 | 30.8MB

‘Shocking Moombahton For Serum’ is truly a masterpiece soundset. It’s a fruit of really hard work & patience. It brings you painstakingly designed presets that are really unique and catchy. Inside you can find custom noises which generates vocal chops, indian voices and oriental percussion. Also, this soundset brings you dirty lead sounds, warm synths and big Moombahcore basses. All this combines one of the most extraordinary soundsets ever!

If you’re searching for an up-to-date soundset, than don’t miss this one! With these shocking creative patches, your tracks will never sound the same again!

– 64 Xfer Records Serum Presets
– 11 Custom WAV Noises
– 26 Bass Sounds
– 22 Lead Sounds
– 15 Synth Sounds
– 3 Pluck Sounds
– 4 Macro Controls Assigned
– ModWheel Assigned
– 100% Royalty-Free

Requirements Xfer Records Serum v.1.11b3+




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