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Last updated 1/2017
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Master Avid Pro Tools 11. Learn the Audio Production Secrets used by the Pros. An easy to follow Pro Tools tutorial.

What you’ll learn
Learn how to mix,edit and create professional audio using Pro Tools
PC or Mac
This video based Pro Tools 11 training course from Infinite Skills teaches you the fundamentals of using this digital audio workstation software. Pro Tools 11 brings you the power of 64bit recording and mixing to your computer – with retooled audio and video engines in this latest version from Avid. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, and no prior experience with Pro Tools is required. The course starts by introducing you to the basic skills you will need, such as working with dialog, music and sound effects. You will learn to edit music tracks, work with elastic audio and how to utilize MIDI in Pro Tools. This tutorial also covers more advanced features such as beat making, composing using virtual instruments, scoring to picture and tracking live instruments. You finish off this video based training course with an in-depth look at Mixing and Automation. Once you have completed this video tutorial for Avid Pro Tools 11, you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of recording and mixing using this popular software. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.


Section 1: Introduction To Pro Tools 11

Lecture 1 Important – Download These First – Working Files

Lecture 2 0101 Who Uses Pro Tools?

Lecture 3 0102 About Pro Tools 11

Lecture 4 0103 New In Pro Tools 11

Section 2: Basic Editing In The Timeline

Lecture 5 0201 Creating A Blank Session

Lecture 6 0202 Importing Audio

Lecture 7 0203 Tracks And Track Information

Lecture 8 0204 Defining And Naming Clips

Lecture 9 0205 Non-Destructive Editing

Lecture 10 0206 The Smart Tool

Lecture 11 0207 Shuffle, Slip And Clip Volume

Lecture 12 0208 Bounce, Export And Consolidate

Section 3: Customizing Pro Tools 11

Lecture 13 0301 File Structure

Lecture 14 0302 Options For Saving Sessions

Lecture 15 0303 Pro Tools Preferences – Plugins As A Flat List

Lecture 16 0304 Window Layouts And Scroll Options

Lecture 17 0305 Showing And Sorting In The Clip Bin

Lecture 18 0306 Clearing Unused Clips

Lecture 19 0307 Showing, Hiding And Sorting Tracks

Lecture 20 0308 Track Colors And Diamond Lanes

Lecture 21 0309 Session Parameters

Lecture 22 0310 The New Workspace Browser

Section 4: Recording And Editing A Voice Track

Lecture 23 0401 Input Options

Lecture 24 0402 Setting Up A Cue

Lecture 25 0403 A-B-C System

Lecture 26 0404 Choosing Takes With The Separation Grabber

Lecture 27 0405 Music In The Cue

Lecture 28 0406 Effects In The Cue – Track, Bus System And Expanded Sends View

Lecture 29 0407 Breathless

Lecture 30 0408 The TCE Trimmer

Lecture 31 0409 Using Pitch Shift On Announcers

Section 5: Editing Music Tracks

Lecture 32 0501 Editing Library Music Using Tempo Map And Matching

Lecture 33 0502 Slicing And Dicing On The Grid

Lecture 34 0503 Editing Two Music Tracks

Lecture 35 0504 Fades And Crossfades

Lecture 36 0505 Re-Timing Library Music Tracks

Section 6: Elastic Audio

Lecture 37 0601 Elastic Audio On A Voice Track

Lecture 38 0602 Elastic Audio On A Drum Track

Lecture 39 0603 Pitch Changes Using Elastic Audio

Section 7: MIDI In Pro Tools

Lecture 40 0701 Connecting A MIDI Keyboard

Lecture 41 0702 Adding A Shaker Loop Using Xpand!2

Lecture 42 0703 Adding A Drum Loop Using Boom

Lecture 43 0704 Exploring The Xpand!2 Library

Lecture 44 0705 Adding, Looping And Editing A MIDI Bass Track

Lecture 45 0706 Arranging And Using Virtual Instruments

Lecture 46 0707 Play It Slow – Hear It Fast

Lecture 47 0708 Adding MIDI Keys

Lecture 48 0709 Performance Transpositions In Xpand!2

Section 8: Tracking Instruments

Lecture 49 0801 Adding An Acoustic Guitar

Lecture 50 0802 Adding A Cajon

Lecture 51 0803 Adding Electric Guitar Using Eleven

Lecture 52 0804 Loop Recording Using Playlists

Lecture 53 0805 Playlist Comping

Lecture 54 0806 Half-Speed Recording

Section 9: Sound Design

Lecture 55 0901 The Concept Of Sound Design

Lecture 56 0902 Setting Up A Cellphone EQ For Dialog

Lecture 57 0903 Creating New SFX With Plug-Ins

Lecture 58 0904 Identifying Sync Points In Clips

Lecture 59 0905 Timing Music To SFX

Lecture 60 0906 Timing SFX To Music

Lecture 61 0907 Tuning SFX To Match Music

Lecture 62 0908 Combining MIDI With SFX Using Structure Free

Lecture 63 0909 A Closer Look At Structure Free

Section 10: Working With Video

Lecture 64 1001 Importing The Movie

Lecture 65 1002 Spotting The Movie With Markers

Lecture 66 1003 Setting The Tempo Of The Score

Lecture 67 1004 Building The Score

Lecture 68 1005 Alternate Versions And Spot Mode For Precise Placement

Lecture 69 1006 Bouncing The Movie

Section 11: Mixing And Automation

Lecture 70 1101 The Philosophy Of Mixing

Lecture 71 1102 EQ And Volume

Lecture 72 1103 Busses, Auxes, Sends And Inserts

Lecture 73 1104 Panning, Memory Locations And The Universe

Lecture 74 1105 Automating Write And Read

Lecture 75 1106 Automating Plugin Parameters

Lecture 76 1107 Customizing Mixing Templates

Lecture 77 1108 Printing Effects And Stems

Lecture 78 1109 Archiving Your Session

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