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Last updated 2/2022
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Take your playing to New Levels!

What you’ll learn
Play Challenging Arrangements of Tunes
Learn to Improvise
Add Color to your Solos
Fretboard Geography
Advanced right Hand Patterns
You will need to own a 5-String Banjo and Finger Picks. Know basic rolls and chords
Take your Playing to New Levels! In this Course, you will learn many of the essential techniques and musical ideas that have helped me in my 20 year career as a Bluegrass Banjo player. You will learn challenges arrangements of tunes such as Blackberry Blossom, Crazy Creek, Bill Cheatum, Red Haired Boy, 8th of January and more. You will learn hot licks for improvisation. You will learn Diatonic Triads to help you understand the geography of the fretboard. You will learn advanced right hand patterns so you can get out of the same old habits! I will discuss the use of triplets so you can learn to add new time values into your solos. You will learn the modes of the major scale including Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian and how to use them. You will learn new chord inversions such as 7th Chords and how to apply them to solos. You will also learn how to add color into your solos by superimposing chord and scale tones to give them a more interesting sound. This course features multiple camera angles to give you a clear viewing experience. There is also downloadable tablature so you can follow along note for note. With regular practice I know this course will add lots of new and exciting techniques to your playing. Enjoy and keep picking! Chris Elliott




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