Strezov Sampling Diamond Jazz Orchestra LiTE (Original release by ViP Team)

Strezov Sampling Diamond Jazz Orchestra LiTE (Original release by ViP Team) screenshot
KONTAKT Lite Library | 11.7 GB

Strezov Sampling Diamond Jazz Orchestra LiTE
A comprehensive Studio Jazz Orchestra right at your fingertips! Inspired by all the iconic jazz and swing musicians, we want to help you travel back in time and become one with the greats’ minds. Relive some of the emotions the genre has inspired in several generations of fans and start creating your own treasure trove of musical gems easily with our DIAMOND Jazz Orchestra.


– 74GB of compressed content
– Instant Jazz and Pop Studio sound inspired by iconic jazz and swing musicians
– Vast collection of Ensemble & Solo Brass, Saxophones & Winds, Percussion, Guitars and a Piano
– Harmon and Cup Mutes for the Brass Instruments
– Consistent set of articulations (True Legato, Multiple Lengths of Shorts and Vibrato Styles)
– New experimental patches like Ghost Staccatissimos & Sustain Crescendos
– All content recorded with multiple Round-Robins and within multiple dynamic layers
– 2 mic positions – Close & Room + custom convolution reverb
– Strezov Sampling’s renowned Polyphonic True legato Sampling with intelligent voice leading
Integrated Help
– Additional functions like “Velocity Dynamic Influencer” known from Strezov Sampling’s acclaimed choirs and Afflatus Series

════════════════════╣     LiTE iNFORMATiON     ╠════════════════════

– Based on ViP Team release of Strezov Sampling Diamond Jazz Orchestra (74.3 GB)
Only Close Mic is available (Room mic removed)
– All samples converted to 16 bits with dithering
– All articulations kept
– Library structure untouched
Size on disk is 17.8 GB, download is only 11.7 GB

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 6.1.0+ FULL version




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