MixWithTheMasters Kevin Davis, Sam Smith & Norman Inside The Track #72

MixWithTheMasters Kevin Davis, Sam Smith & Norman Inside The Track #72 screenshot
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Join us for a MWTM premiere with Grammy award-winning mix engineer Kevin Davis! Hosted at his studio in Hollywood, this four-part series shows you how Davis mixed the multi-platinum certified single ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ by Sam Smith & Normani. He explains how his workflow has evolved, takes you through his current setup, and describes his typical approach to any new session. Kevin plays the rough mix that he received from the production team Stargate, comments on how it could be enhanced, and dives into all his processing. You’ll learn how he created pristine vocals, strengthened the groove of the music, and gave the mix an extra boost through a hybrid master chain. Aside from the technical aspects, he discusses other important areas including his rapport with producers, the mastering stage, and how he maintains a fresh perspective on his mixes.

14 min

Professional background, workflow evolution, setup, summing, vocal processing, stem creation

13 min

Rough mix consideration, keyboards, rhythm & vocal section relationship, hooks, master chain

08 min

Dynamic range based on genre, reference tracks, limiting, drums & percussion treatment, mastering

14 min

Music buss, vocal effects, working with Stargate, approvals, maintaining perspective, monitoring




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