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WiN | 64MB

Substrate is an effect device to give your bass sounds the right “boost”. It will generate additional harmonics to the sound in the low end frequency range (sub-harmonics) based on a pre-set fundamental frequency from which it will generate the harmonics. These harmonics can be added and amplified by a “boost level” which results in a bass sound with more power in the low end range.

The second advantage is, if the frequency is set exactly to the fundamental frequency of a sound, the generated harmonics will produce a “psycho-acoustic effect” that gives your brain the feelings to perceive the sub frequency range of a bass sound on weak systems that can’t reproduce such low frequencies (like weak laptop speakers or mobile devices), even if these low frequencies are not really audible.


# Frequency control
# Boost control
# Invert Phase control
# Boost Mix control
# Dry Mix control
# Mute Boost control
# Mute Dry control
# Main Volume control





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