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HiDERA | 5 August 2022 | 918 MB

If you’re looking to produce your own piano house track, but you’re not sure where to begin, you’re in the right place. Join studio wizard Larry Holcombe for a comprehensive look at producing piano house music, complete with numerous examples and demonstrations that take you through an entire track, start to finish. You’ll even have access to the project stems so you can try out all the techniques and ideas for yourself in your own DAW! You’ll learn production techniques, arrangement ideas, creative tips, and much more! These videos are for new piano house producers.

After welcoming you to the course, Larry begins with a playthough of the finished track, so you’ll get your bearings and know what you’ll be working towards in this course. Then it’s down to work, starting first with the kick, where you’ll learn how to program, EQ, and compress this all-important foundational element. Larry then adds a clap to the track and layers the kick with some vintage-type noise for added depth.

Next, explore various top loops and hear the effect they have on the overall groove and rhythmic foundation, followed by a vocal, which provides identity to the track. Discover various ways of adding a piano track, including the use of Logic’s Transposer and Chord Trigger, Plugin Boutique’s Scaler 2, and direct MIDI performance. Then learn some important MIDI editing ideas that will help with our arrangement down the line.

The remainder of the course contains many more topics, including adding a bassline (using Serum), extra sounds (some strings and plucks), arrangement (tools, tweaks, and parts), breakdown bass (“Reece”-style patch), vocal arrangement (adding effects and using vocal chops), and more! Once the production is complete, Larry adds a quick mastering chain with Ozone 9 so you can get a rough idea of what the finished product would sound like.

For a better idea of what each video contains, see the video descriptions below. There’s no better way to learn than by doing, and in this course, you’re given all the tools, knowledge, and ideas you’ll need to try out on your own production. If you want your piano house track to really thump, you need to watch “Producing Piano House Explained®” today!

Plugins used in this video series:

Xfer Records Serum

Xfer Records LFO Tool

Native Instruments Transient Master

Fabfilter Pro-Q3

Ozone 9

Valhalla Vintage Verb

Fabfilter Volcano 3

Waves Vocal Rider

Fabilter Pro-C2

Fabilter Saturn 2

Waves Doubler

Waves H-Delay

Valhalla Room




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