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Groove3 Pro Tools Automation Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 12 August 2022 | 369 MB

If you’ve not messed around with automation much, you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful mixing tool. From creating dynamic interest to correcting troublesome areas and much more, automation provides you with the means to strategically micromanage your mix, as it were – from making the smallest volume tweak to using an effect for only one note. Aside from all the expected basic automation tools, Pro Tools includes many specialized features, and Eli Krantzberg has put together a Pro Tools video course over two hours long that shows you everything you need to know about Pro Tools’ powerful automation functions. These videos are for new and intermediate Pro Tools automation users.

Eli begins with an overview of the automation process in Pro Tools and shows the various ways you can view the automation. Then watch as the Touch and Latch modes are used to create send and pan automation and see how the AutoMatch value effects ramp time when reverting to previous values. Discover how the AutoJoin feature allows you to handle writing automation across several tracks when a punch-in is required.

Next up, explore Touch/Latch mode, which puts a track’s volume in Touch mode and all other controls in Latch mode, followed by explanations of Write and Trim modes, the latter of which is handy when you want to preserve all your automated moves but want to make levels a bit louder or softer overall.

Many more topics are covered throughout the rest of the course, including smoothing and thinning (reducing the number of automated break points for increased performance), using a Presonus Faderport 2 to write automation, controlling automation behavior (safe modes, etc.), automating plug-in parameters, copying automation, punching in with Latch prime, drawing automation with the pencil tool, clip gain settings and track volume automation, mute automation, snapshot automation, capture automation, and much more!

To see what these Pro Tools automation video tutorials contain in more detail, check out the individual descriptions on this page. The world of automation puts an unprecedented amount of control at your fingertips, and with this course, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of Pro Tools’ unique automation features. Take command of your mixes like never before… Watch “Pro Tools Automation Explained®” today!




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